Myolie Wu Teases Him Law & Tavia Yeung Implying They're a Couple

Yesterday Myolie Wu and Him Law attended a sanitary pad brand, Whispers, promotional event. Him was not embarrassed at all promoting feminine hygiene products and even gave Myolie a massage on the forehead. On the contrary, Myolie appeared embarrassed and kept shouting she felt scared. She then teased good friend Tavia Yeung and Him, implying they are a couple. Because Myolie and Tavia both have a "Yi" in their Chinese name, Myolie joked: "I'm a 'Yi' too, but I'm not the same as the other 'Yi'. Although Tavia won't be jealous, I have thought of calling her to tell her. Just now when Him gave me a massage, I never thought I would feel embarrassed, perhaps because [Tavia's] a good friend of mines, so I feel even more awkward." She greatly praised Him understands women which is very sweet. Ask Him to introduce guys to her? Myolie said: "Just meeting new friends. If the guy is as fit as Him, then I would think being with him will give me the motivation to work out to look more fit and thin."

Him expressed he understands women go through a difficult time during their menstrual cycle, so men should exercise more care and patience. Asked if he takes care of Tavia? He said: "Men should be a gentlemen to women. She works long-term, she works hard for 365 days, but I never seen her irritated." Myolie indirectly said Him and Tavia are a couple? Him had a big reaction: "Even talk about these things? I have nothing to admit or deny about." Him said massages are good for couples to enhance the relationship, but he has never given Tavia a massage before. "Massages are usually given before bed time, I have never seen her before I go to sleep." The event organizers gave Him a box of sanitary pads as a gift, but he refused to say he was going to give some to Tavia. He expressed he plans to give them to his family and his Tiger Cubs II co-star Mandy Wong.

Source: Mingpao

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May Wang wants "Emperor Wu" Raymond Lam to Throw her in "Cold" Harem

Hengdian's new historical costume drama The Virtuous Queen of Han (VQH) is HK golden producers Lau Kar Ho and his wife Miu Siu Ching's first joint collaboration with Mainland since they joined NowTV. The press conference was held on July 12th, the cast including Raymond Lam, May Wang Luo Dan, Niki Chow and Jeremy Xu attended. There was an enormous crowning ceremony live at the event. The "Emperor" Raymond Lam awarded his "Empress" May Wang the "Best Wife" title. During the interview, May complained its difficult to tolerate filming a costume drama in the hot weather and joked, asking the "Emperor" (Raymond) to quickly throw her in the "cold" harem. May expressed she's thankful Raymond gave everyone on the crew a small fan to stay cool and the air produced by the fan is quite powerful as well. Raymond laughed several of his "Consorts" wanted to be thrown in the "cold" harem long ago.

In the past years, palace dramas have been a favorite among the audience, but the majority of them are about oppression. VQH changes this mentality, the theme and content give off more positive energy. The drama is about a song girl, Wei Zifu (May Wang), relying on her own wisdom and determination to establish the "Harmonious Harem". Emperor Wu (Raymond Lam) meets Wei while visiting his elder sister Princess Pingyang (Niki Chow) and the two end up spending 48 years together. Wei's experience did not only change her own destiny, but her younger brother General Wei Qing and her nephew were also known military heros in the history of Han.

HK golden producer Lau Kar Ho is the producer and director of this drama, while his wife is the co-producer and scriptwriter. The couple have previously produced several popular TVB series in HK respectively including Where the Legend Begins, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Can't Buy Me Love, Heart of Greed and Mysteries of Love. VQH is a joint collaboration between HK's NowTV and Mainland's HuaCe Media.


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Raymond Wong's 'Karma Rider' Loses to the weight of TITS2

Yesterday Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Evergreen Mak and the rest of the cast of TVB new series Karma Rider attended the promotional event. The series is premiering on the same day as grand production Triumph in the Skies II, but Raymond still had confidence in the ratings. He stressed the genre of the two series are different. Just as long as they can successfully attract the audience to "fall for" the series during the premiere week, then its a success! Raymond said: "Otherwise the premiere week might be lower, after all the cast is weighted differently. Karma Rider is a little breakthrough, the positive story is told using a gray tone, but audience will have to have some patience. It won't be difficult to understand though." Raymond described the series as a good faith production. He and Priscilla had already done their promotions and the other cast are helping online.

Priscilla does not dare to have expectations on Karma Rider's ratings, but she did stressed she is not afraid of TITS2 and it is actually a benefit that the series is airing with TITS2. This is Priscilla's first leading role, the majority of her scenes revolve around her relationship and her crying scenes. She said "I felt just as nervous as first time producer Chan Yiu Chuen. Many producers want to use TV ratings to safeguard artists, but Chan Yiu Chuen took up the courage to cast me in his series. I was very scared and hope it didn't impact anything. I hope the audience will notice me while they watch the other artists."

Source: Mingpao

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Hins Cheung May Join "Inbound Troubles 2" as Ivana & Louis Cheung's Third Party

Inbound Troubles was a huge hit earlier this year, TVB confirmed to film a sequel in March 2014. Ivana Wong's role "Ching Ching" and Louis Cheung's "Chiu Chiu" were a popular pair and in TVB's initial story outline, Ivana's rumored boyfriend Hins Cheung is invited to join the cast as their third party.

Producer Wong Wai Sing admitted he does intend to invite Hins. "I really hope Hins can join. He and Ivana are good friends, but there is still a lot of time before the sequel starts shooting. The cast are not confirmed yet." Hins expressed if it all works out, he will be very happy to try something new. "I have a lot of chemistry with Ivana. Whether we portray a couple or a bickering pair, I believe the audience will enjoy watching us."

Source: Mingpao

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Bosco Wong Pulls Vincent Wong's Pants Down to Reveal Swim Brief

Yesterday TVB series A Change of Heart's cast Joey Meng, Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Elaine Yiu and Mandy Wong met up for dinner and watched the finale together. Producer Nelson Cheung vowed to make the cast throw a swimsuit party to celebrate if the ratings reaches 35 points. Joey laughed and said she has never celebrated in a bikini and really wants to give it a try. Bosco discovered Vincent came prepared wearing a swim brief underneath his pants. With Joey standing in front of them, Bosco immediately pulls Vincent's shirt open and pulls his pants down, making him reveal his nipples and swim brief. Joey burst into laughter awkwardly and turned away.

Bosco expressed that night was just for the cast to watch the finale together. When Michael Miu comes back from his vacation, they will have their celebration and hopes TVB chairman Norman Leung will treat them the meal. Asked if they'll have a beach party? Bosco said: "We should just have one party and everyone wears the swimsuits, but still have to check the location and sponsors."

It was rumored Joey was bullied while shooting for TVB series Gilded Chopsticks in Mainland earlier. First, her co-star Ben Wong changed the script on the spot, the crew didn't prepare a lunchbox for her and when she got back to HK, she cried to her husband. Joey responded to the rumor: "We're having a good time tonight. I will tell you everything when Gilded Chopticks airs!" Joey denied TVB is treating her harshly: "I've filmed 3 series with TVB. I had a great time in all of them and collaborated with the other artists pleasantly. I tear up every time I see my husband at the airport, it's just you all didn't see me. My husband ordered that I cannot be like that again. He wants me to come out smiling to him. Then I told him next time he needs to bring me flowers when picking me up at the airport."

Currently on vacation, Michael was absent from the dinner gathering, but posted a family photo of them having a blast in a pool. He wrote: "Sorry I wasn't able to enjoy the finale with you all. Seeing such great results, it doesn't matter how many [rating] points we get!"

Elaine's good friend Katy Kung got into a car accident the other night. It was later discovered her car is registered under ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang's name. Elaine said: "As far as I know, Katy is responsible for the driving expenses. Patrick Tang just helped her with the car registration process. As for the details, you need to ask her." It was said Patrick is pursuing Katy again. Elaine said: "Actually no, they have a very peaceful relationship. They are still friends after the break up." Katy expressed on the day of her accident, it is rather difficult for a 20 year old to buy a car, so she had Patrick help her at the time.

Source: Mingpao,

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Mary Jean Reimer arranges for Prayer Ceremony for Master Lau Kar Leung

Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) yesterday in Ling Wan Temple held the "three seven" prayer service for her husband Lau Kar Leung. Over 100 people participated, including former martial art star Chi Kuan Chun. Yung Jing Jing yesterday posted the ceremony photos on facebook, Chi Kuan Chun and his wife were also present. They deliberately made the trip from Taiwan. Chi Kuan Chun and Master Lau worked together on DRUNKEN MONKEY (JUI MA LAU).

When Lau Kar Leung passed away on the 25th, Yung Jing Jing suffered quite an emotional setback. Recently she has already calmed down. Earlier she went to distribute rice for charity with her daughter. Yung Jing Jing yesterday posted photos with her friends. Although she looked thinner she appeared to be in good spirit. She even joked that she had a pair of puffer fish like eyes. Yung Jing Jing said that Eric Tsang Chi Wai's wife organized the ceremony, with over 100 Buddhist disciples in participation. She wrote, "Master Lau should 'receive' a lot of merit. My heart is also much more vast." Yung Jing Jing thanked friends from social networks for their support, the friendship of whom she would always remember.

Source: Mingpao

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Elvina Kong separated from husband of 12 years

Hong Kong actress Elvina Kong recently admitted that she and husband of 12 years, Jackson Ng have called it quits.

As reported on Oriental Daily website, the 46-year-old actress confirmed rumours of divorce via a tele-interview, but was tight-lipped regarding the reason of separation.

However, Elvina assured that the decision was mutual and that they remain friends.

Elvina met Jackson in 1991 at a party and was engaged after a year of dating. However, the couple only married in July 2001.

However, several claimed that Jackson's recent financial troubles and frequent night clubs visits may have been a contributing factor.

Another source claimed that Elvina did speak to close friends regarding the divorce, saying that it was decided simply because they have different personalities.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment